The 5 most powerful reasons to get financial advice before getting personal insurance


Are you planning to get personal insurance? An insurance advisor can help you find the policy that is best suited to your needs/best suited to you. An experienced insurance adviser can help you avoid costly mistakes when it comes to selecting an appropriate level of insurance for you. Whether it’s personal life insurance, critical illness insurance, total and permanent disability insurance or income protection insurance, take a look at these five powerful reasons why insurance advice can help you get a better deal.

  1. Custom and objective-oriented insurance

Getting an insurance involves significant level of pitfalls and it can turn out to be a really complex area. Relying on insurance companies for advisory services is not the wisest thing to do as they may not have your best interests at heart. Instead, an insurance adviser can provide you with an unbiased insight with various policies. They can also get you an insurance contract that best suits your needs, objectives and circumstances. It’s not easy for a person with no prior knowledge of financial institutions to understand the terms and conditions of the insurance policies. An insurance adviser can often breakdown all those terms into more favourable and understandable terms.

  1. Cost and cash flow efficient

One of the biggest benefits of seeking advisory services of an independent insurance adviser is that they can provide you with an insurance policy that’s cost and cash flow efficient.  But what does that mean? Where appropriate we can use your superannuation to partially fund your personal insurances. This means that you can get an insurance policy that’s tailored to your needs whilst potentially saving thousands of dollars. The best part: there is no obligation whilst making a decision so you can get an insurance policy that you feel is perfect for your circumstances.

  1. Wide range of products at your disposal

You want an insurance but don’t want to increase your lifestyle affected, then a suitably qualified financial adviser can get you all the information that you need at your doorstep. In fact, they can help you get insurance contracts from a wide range of approved products list. Just like many people don’t compare prices and services of different banking institutions before opening up a bank account, some do the same with insurance policies. However, an insurance policy can have much bigger implication on your family’s financial wellbeing.

  1. Ease of getting an insurance policy

Most people don’t like using a “middle man” as they see as an additional cost for no clear benefit/for no reason. However, an independent insurance adviser can help with all the legal aspects of obtaining insurance and have an obligation to ensure they serve your best interests. They will even take away the responsibility of reading fine print while obtaining an insurance policy. For example, make note of whether your insurance policy offers guaranteed insurability and any exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions.

  1. Here to support you in the long term.

We believe that financial advice should be a holistic and a long term relationship. If you are fortunate enough to get engage a good financial adviser, they will always be there for you at the time you need it most. Do you know what’s more difficult than getting an insurance? Making a claim on your insurance. An insurance adviser can help you get your claim on the insurance and act as your advocate. They will be there for you throughout the whole process and make sure that you get your fair share of the promised deal.


An independent insurance adviser will help guide you through this important life decision. They will make sure that you have an appropriate level of insurance and premium whilst ensuring that you and your family are suitably protected.